Glenn Wilson (foto)
NaamGlenn Wilson
Glenn's evolution into the electronica scene came after being influenced by the electro, hip hop and break-dance movement that swept the UK during the 80's. The sounds and beats from the likes of bambaataa, together with documentaries about the new york Bronx's Zulu nation and movies like beat street soon isolated Glenn from the mainstream music his friend's was listening too at the time. After some years later in 92 Glenn relocating to Sweden where he started dj-ing at a local radio station in Helsingborg south Sweden playing & exposing various forms of techno & house, at the end of 92 he rented some space at the back end of a second-hand record shop where he had a small underground outlet selling to local and national djs and collectors...
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Toffe producties..≠tijd om weer eens in Nederland te verschijnen wat mij betreft!

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Glenn Wilson (Y) een van mijn favoriete techo producers :)
alles wat deze vent maakt is zowat dope.
wanneer gaat ie weer draaien ? :D