NaamVishaal Lachman
Genreseclectic, electro, latin
partyflock DYNA (8 aug 2009)
Vishaal Lachman - One of Holland's allround kings is better known as 'Dyna'. His great passion for music manifested at a very young age which led him to start playing the piano. In his early teens he was exposed to DJ'ing and not long after that he started to try and mix records himself. His natural talent flourished and it became very clear that this was going to be his life's path; Playing his music for large crowds around the globe.

Starting out with a weekly residency in a fairly small club he soon entered the national circuit playing at all the renowned venues in the Netherlands. More and more clients started picking up his signature lady pleasing sound and so it all began. His so called ''Dyna-sound'' became very popular. Especially amongst the girls. So popular that he was was able to start up his own club concept called 'Sexed Up'. From Dance to Hiphop, Trap to Caribbean beats, Bubbling to the harder styles.. All is possible. The only rule is; to entertain the crowd from start to finish.

The vision has always been; bigger is better! Soon after the clubs the major Festivals started pouring in. Hosting his own stages fully produced with the best show effects and respected artists, showing the world what he's made of. To showcase his sound to new crowds he produces special mix-tapes. By naming it 'Ghostriders' he made sure people could easily find and download it in order to introduce himself. After several mix-tapes went viral it became clear that he's one not to be missed on any respected show. With over 200 shows a year, multiple successful records, collaborations with fellow DJ's and live acts he keeps his name on top. His hit record 'Round&Round' has hit the charts hard and became triple platinum with over 23 million streams. In his own words; We're just getting started. 2017 is on the horizon so be sure to lookout for his new booty shaking beats.
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2 augustus 2014
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1 december 2013
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10 november 2012
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8 oktober 2011
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als iemand een kampioen is in het totaal verneuken van andermans plaatjes door deze te remixen - dan is deze gozer het wel.­
Mandyýy :woep:
De Kleine Grote MAN van DOMINGO FEELINGS GISTEREN :D Nice one!!
M.rln (F)
Je was gister super op fantasy! :respect:
Ondergewaarde draaitafelbaas en clubsloper pur sang met veel diepere house dan mensen verwachten.­ Geen bubbling meer van deze man - maar progessive/tech/latin waar je warm van word!
op ultra sexxxy was het egt weer een genot om naar te kijken,, dope skills ga zo door man

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[Mixtape] Beatloverz The Mixtape Vol.1 ff aan de download :respect:
echt een eindbaas!
Dyna, je hebt heerlijk gedraaid in Zigzag Gran Canaria!! Leuk dat je een foto momentje wilde maken :cheer:
ik ben niet zo van die tuuttuutpjieew eclectic klakjes, maar omdat hij veel r n b ertussen gooit is het perfect!
Een van m'n favo dj's met heeeerlijke mixtapes!!