foto Off the Wall
NaamMelvin Kleinmeulman & Menno Spieker
FunctieDJ, 31 × live act, groep
Chocomel, Melvin Kleinmeulman
Mike Mercy, Melvin Kleinmeulman
Supreme Cuisine, Menno Spieker
Genresclassics, disco, eclectic, hip hop, house, r&b, soulful house
In 2004 VJ Supreme Cuisine and DJ Mike Mercy (formerly known as Chocomel) set up a joint venture called "Off the Wall" which translates into an audio-visual experience never seen before. They collected more than thousands of video-clips, video- animations and concert-excerpts from four decades of music, and found a way to successfully link the musical footage to the club scene. Armed with two DVD turntables, audio- and video-equalizers and special effect equipment, "Off the Wall" rocks the dance floor like no one ever did before. Image and sound are manipulated so that sampling, scratching and mixing occur perfectly synchronized.
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Wat een helden :respect:, wat jullie doen is de toekomst!

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Hun zijn de bom!!!