Capster (foto)
NaamJonas Walther
Genreselectro, house
Capster – is one of the newcomers of the last year you should definitely keep in mind.
With his roots in two of the biggest German cities and at least in equal as many states, hardly any club is being left out in south-western and western Germany.

Due to this circumstance he has already worked alongside big players of the national and international EDM Scene in the DJ-booth, like e.g. "The Disco Boys' or "Hanna Hansen'. Not seldomly they attested him an "awesome sound'.

This just mentioned sound is the reason why bookers and club-owners of the Rhine-Neckar area haven't been hesitating long to offer him a DJ residency in their hip and exclusive clubs (e.g. the "KOI Club Mannheim' or the "Frauenbad Heidelberg')
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