Emission (foto)
NaamNils van Lingen
Lid van groepenGhost in the Machine, Mindustries & Muphcase
Genresacid, darkcore, early rave, hardcore, oldschool, tekno
Emission is the alias of the dutch producer/dj Nils van Lingen. While mainly focussing on his 'Mindustries' alias together with his mate Yuri, Emission was created in 2006 to create a new platform for the wide range of electronic music he liked to produce and spin. It initially started off as an alias just for dj-ing, but in 2009 the first track 'Blaze' was released on the 6th edition of the The Hague based Antilounge label. The earlier track 'Adnil' was made for Antilounge V and was released using the name Pzeudonym.

Emission does not focus on one particular style, but tries to combine his love for hiphop, acid, hardcore, electro, breaks and idm. The main goal is to keep on experimenting...and just see what comes up.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 19 mei 2017: PIP Lekker 10, Club PIP, Den Haag

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Erg coole set @­ System Day2!
Teum NL :bier:
Ik werd er geestelijk gestoord van op Smackdown.­
Deze gast snapt er echt helemaal niks van.­
tt underground! :devil:

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