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Michael Forzza is a true purveyor of techno. Since '95 he stood and still stands for the global recognition of techno within electronic music.

As a known and respected producer he unleashed his taste in techno on his own imprint "Perimeter Records", whilst releasing also music on a selection of the world's finest labels
such as Figure, 100% pure, to name a few. Michael has also been the driven force behind a series of mix compilations. Always on a mission to select tracks that stand the test of time.

Recognized for his dynamic and energetic style of mixing and long marathon sets, Michael has remained one of the Dj's with a non stop attitude to implement his vision of clubbing and music development.
Draai archief
Teknoville = livestream
23:00 - 02:00
Retro ReunionEvenementenhal De Qubus, Oudenaarde
Delicious Deep Legends · Quincy's B-DayRadar Belgium, Lokeren
Ghoststyle · Vinyl OnlyAmpere, Antwerpen
TeknovilleCharlatan, Gent
TeknovilleRadar Belgium, Lokeren
TeknovilleCharlatan, Gent
Cherry Moon · Return To Homebase uitverkochtRadar Belgium, Lokeren
Deep SecretsSotto's, Zottegem
Land of Love 2 teaser · Land of Love · 2019 (1:32)
aftermovie · Land of Love · 2019 (2:35)
Festivalweide Steenveldstraat, Torhout
DJ George's BirthdayLe Pulse Café, Pecq
Cirque MagiqueFestivalterrein, Ledegem
Teknoville · Gentse FeestenCharlatan, Gent
So W'Happy Festival 2 anthem · Now You Can See · Nosferatu, Rob Gee · So W'Happy Festival · 2019 (4:36)
aftermovie · So W'Happy Festival · 2019 (7:38)
Evenemententerrein Rongy, Rongy
Ghoststyle · Retro Techno ReunionAmpere, Antwerpen
Teknoville · Michael Forzza's B-dayCharlatan, Gent
6 Years of Retro NationHet Entrepot, Brugge
Back To Basic's XXLLe Cadran, Luik
Cirque Magique teaser · Cirque Magique · 2018 (0:37)
Festivalterrein, Ledegem
So W'Happy Festival aftermovie · So W'Happy Festival · 2018 (6:03)
Evenemententerrein Rongy, Rongy
Fantasia Festival foto's aftermovie · Fantasia Festival · 2018 (3:55)
Festivalweide Hamme-Zogge, Hamme
Beachland Festival · 10th Anniversary 3 trailer · Beachland Festival · 2018 (0:48)
shout-out · Pat B · Beachland Festival · 2018 (0:42)
aftermovie · Beachland Festival · 2018 (3:25)
Blankenberge Strand, Blankenberge
27 Years Cherry MoonDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
TeknovilleH2O Club, Pecq
Age of LoveCharlatan, Gent
Lagoa · Retro XMASDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Retro NationHet Entrepot, Brugge
Ghoststyle vs KassicsEvenementenhal Depart, Kortrijk
Ghoststyle · HalloweenAmpere, Antwerpen
Age of Love · SummerbreakLa Bush, Pecq
Cirque Magique 2 teaser · Cirque Magique · 2017 (0:38)
aftermovie · Cirque Magique · 2017 (3:07)
Festivalterrein, Ledegem
Beachland 3 trailer · Beachland · 2017 (0:32)
aftermovie · Beachland · 2017 2 (2:54)
aftermovie · Beachland · 2017 (2:38)
Blankenberge Strand, Blankenberge
Cherry Moon Vs GhoststyleH2O Club, Pecq
Univerz FestivalBedrijventerrein Sabbe Hout, Izegem
Age of LoveCharlatan, Gent
9 Years Age of Love XXXLArtCube, Gent
Retro EmpireWaregem Expo, Waregem
Jam El Mar & Quincy's b-dayCharlatan, Gent
KlassicsDe Kreun, Kortrijk
Cherry Moon · Halloween RetroDiscotheek Bocca, Destelbergen
K-town FestivalCampus Vives, Kortrijk
End Of SummerDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Age of Love · SummerbreakLa Bush, Pecq
Cirque Magique aftermovie · Cirque Magique · 2016 (2:53)
Festivalterrein, Ledegem
Univerz Festival aftermovie · Univerz Festival · 2016 (4:31)
Bedrijventerrein Sabbe Hout, Izegem
25 Years Cherry MoonLotto Arena, Antwerpen
8 Years Age Of LoveArtCube, Gent
We Love LagoaDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
1 Y Friday's FinestDecadance, Gent
Retro-LiciousDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Cirque Magique 2 aftermovie · Cirque Magique · 2015 (3:07)
teaser · Cirque Magique · 2015 (1:06)
Festivalterrein, Ledegem
Hype-O-Dream 5 aftermovie · Hype-O-Dream · 2015 (4:54)
anthem · Rome · Les Mecs Eclectics · Hype-O-Dream · 2015 (4:57)
promo · Hype-O-Dream · 2015 2 (0:40)
trailer · Hype-O-Dream · 2015 (1:00)
promo · Hype-O-Dream · 2015 (0:56)
Hippodroom, Waregem
Ostend Beach aftermovie · Ostend Beach · 2015 (1:56)
Montgomerykaai 1, Oostende
History Of TranceDe Kreun, Kortrijk
7 Years Age Of Love XXXLArtCube, Gent
24 Years Cherry Moon · Retro Anniversary uitverkochtDe Kreun, Kortrijk
Push It presents TeknovilleCafé d'Anvers, Antwerpen
Cherry Moon Retro BeachPier Blankenberge, Blankenberge
Daydream Festival · Dream with your eyes open! 2 aftermovie · Daydream Festival · 2014 (6:17)
promo · Daydream Festival · 2014 (1:54)
Festivalpark Lommel, Lommel
6 Years Age Of Love · XXXLArtCube, Gent
Halloween RetroCherrymoon, Lokeren
Back To BasicsMontini, Sint-Truiden
RetroLa Bush, Pecq
We Love ClassixLa Rocca, Lier
Dark kitchen nightThe Zoo, Hasselt
Bass missionH2O Club, Pecq
Call it technoThe Zoo, Hasselt
H2o Hotel 14 AnniversaryH2O Club, Pecq
GhoststyleH2O Club, Pecq
Retro class-xClub Extreme, Lokeren
Is this heaven?Ghosthouse, Halen
19 years LagoaDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Thriller nightDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
GhoststyleH2O Club, Pecq
Summer retro partyReal Club, Tongeren
Beach nightDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
United musics of lagoaDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Marie Jeanne's birthdayDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
5 years of ghoststyleH2O Club, Pecq
Retro sessionDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
The Club The People The MusicCherrymoon, Lokeren
Alex Keya birthdayLa Bush, Pecq
RetroDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
LagoaDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Cherry moon BeachCherrymoon, Lokeren
Gekkeschijven partyCherrymoon, Lokeren
Easter retroReal Club, Tongeren
Danny C bday bashH2O Club, Pecq
Venezia carnavalPulse factory, Doornik
Pulse factory · 2nd anniversary partyPulse factory, Doornik
Lagoa · X-Mass RetroDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Extreme reunionPulse factory, Doornik
Cirao · MD's anniversaryCirao, Machelen
Koloso · Army editionKoloso, Lokeren
GhosthouseKoloso, Lokeren
Ghoststyle retroHangar 1, Oostende
GhoststyleStuurboord, Antwerpen
Ghoststyle BeachHangar 1, Oostende
LagoaDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Ghost Style · Battle of the DJ'sOktoberhallen Wieze, Wieze
Ghoststyle NYEWaagnatie, Antwerpen
Illusion · RE:ActivatedSportpaleis Antwerpen, Antwerpen
Ghoststyle · Ghost Birthday PartyHangar 1, Oostende
Global UndergroundHangar 1, Oostende