foto Raora
NaamRaoul Hattink
Genresdarkpsy, forest, psytrance


Raora has been listening to music for almost his entire life. His first introduction to music was the music he heard at his parents' home. This was a wide range of different music genres, from Rock (Bruce Springsteen) to Dance Music (Tiësto), all of which he got to know through his parents.

Over the years, more and more different styles of music have been added. This gained momentum when he started volunteering in 2010 at the local music venue in Venlo. He didn't care much about the genre. As long as it was quality, he was open to new music.

In 2015 he visited the Ozora Festival in Hungary with his brother. Here he discovered a, for him, completely unknown style of music: Psychedelic dance music. He was sold from the first moment!
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