Critical Impact (foto)
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresdrum & bass
Every now and then, circumstances, talent, and hard work align in the perfect formation to propel an artist to stratospheric levels of recognition. To those in the know, Critical Impact has been killing it for ages, but right now is his moment to step up to DnB household-name status

Even before he began producing his own music, he was intimately connected with the scene. Working with Dread Recordings and ATM Magazine, putting in the hours serving customers in Windsor's Menace Records, all while honing his skills as a deejay, the young Mr Impact put the graft in. An early break was becoming involved with the V Recordings' Movement nights, where he fell under the expert eye of Bryan Gee, who persuaded him to get in the studio.
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Party agenda Critical Impact
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 19 april 2019: Innovation, Electric Brixton, London
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