foto Adamant Scream
NaamMalin Kolbrink
AliassenLucy Furr, Miss Hysteria
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Adamant Sceam has been active for quite some time now with different projects and aliases. Every genre knows ups & downs and lives by certain borders + rules. This project makes the borders blur and goes in between various styles.

"Let's make whatever the fuck I want, whenever I want!''

Making music is all about creating and getting the inspiration speak. She is a creative producer that spends a lot of time and effort in the tracks to make sure they all have their story. As a dj she loves to take the crowd with her on a musical journey and with her experience as a dj, she knows how to pull this of.

Uitgaansagenda Adamant Scream

Laatste feest was op vrijdag 29 mei 2020: PRSPCT Quaranstream
31 augustus 2019
Foto's, Ground Zero Festival, 31 augustus 2019, Recreatieplas Bussloo, Bussloo
3 augustus 2019
Foto's, AIRFORCE Festival, 3 augustus 2019, Vliegveld Twenthe, Enschede