Superior (foto)
NaamMarvin Arthur Braafheid
Lid van groepWaarom?Daarom!
Genreship hop, r&b
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Marvin Arthur Braafheid a.k.a. DJ Superior was born in Rotterdam the Netherlands on April 30th of 1977. Together with his older sister and parents he moved to Surinam at the age of 5 and spent most of his childhood there. He got in touch with music because of his father. Every Sunday afternoon while his father listened to music he would put a headphone on his head and make him listen to music. His mother says she noticed his affection for music as early as a baby boy because he would use pens or sticks and hit with them on the heater creating drumming sounds. While he was drumming, his sister would stand on the table singing with a hairbrush in her hand using it as a microphone.
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