Coup de Foudre (foto)
NaamAlex Coly & Chuck Black
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdisco, house
"Coup de Foudre" is a French word referring to love at first sight. It attains its full meaning when you ponder how it feels like to be thunder struck.
Coup De Foudre⚡❤️ is a French DJ duo created by two friends who share the same philosophy about music, from Disco and French Touch to House.
Alex Coly and Chuck Black have separately started their musical journey in 2017 building up their act and skills. They have since then been performing in some of the most iconic bars and clubs in Amsterdam (Chicago Social Club, Disco Dolly, Jimmy Woo, Kopstootbar...) to name a few, and in 2018, some of the biggest festivals in the Netherlands (Amsterdam Open Air, Mysteryland)...
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