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Genrestechhouse, techno
Olga aka Olga Fragou is a Greek Dj from Athens and a resident DJ of Electric Colony.

In a relatively short amount of time, in the scene of techno and tech house music, Olga has already cooperated with the best known Athens clubs like Maze, Steam Athens, and Terraza Club, playing alongside with world class DJ's such as Pig&Dan, Nakadia, Ramiro Lopez, Paride Saraceni, Cristian Varela, Danny Serrano, Uto Karem, Rafa Barrios, George Privatti, Roberto Capuano, Cristian Cambas. and others.

She is considered one of the best upcoming DJ's in the Greek area, which can be seen― we might better say heard― from her groovy-melodic and full of dynamism sets.
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