Fatisima Price (foto)
NaamFatima Dembele
Genresdarkpsy, deep tech, minimal, soulful house, techno
Fatima Dembele born and raised with African Roots in Cologne has been dedicated to her true Love Music since earliest Times, starting as a Singer in 1994.
She became a Producer and Djane Newcomer as *Fatisima Price* in Deep House and Dark Techno from 2011.
She is creating her Music in the Colours of her African Soul within spiritual Aura on her own deep Independent Underground Style,
authentic in each kinds of her many Way's spreading her Energy and Love.
Her Journey in Techno began in 2011. She started as a Newcomer Djane and already played in her first Year during the
Summertime in Hvar/Croatia at the famous "Hula Hula Beach Bar", at the "Pink Champagne" and the legendary "Helios Bar"...
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Party agenda Fatisima Price
Laatste optreden was op woensdag 17 oktober 2018: Occultech Showcase, Hush Silent Disco Club, Amsterdam
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