Kaoz (foto)
NaamSven Schaller
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasSven Schaller
Lid van groepKaoz & Ewe
partyflock djkaoz (15 mrt 2009)
Often asked what style he's playing, he usually he just answers: "I play Kaoz Style". Whether it's Techno or Electro, he does not like stereotyped thinking. On special occasions many things can happen at a night with Kaoz. He wants to give his punters something special.
Gigs led him to the wheels of steels in countries like Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and of course Germany. At festivals like NATURE ONE, MAYDAY, SYNDICATE, Loveparade and many more you saw him rockin' the crowd during the last years. His energy is always his secret weapon. On a good night the connection between the crowd and the artist is the strongest link of the chain...
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Draai archief
SchranzgewitterFusion club, Münster
Reset 2 North Sea Venue, Zaandam
All before LoveDelta Musikpark, Duisburg
Pounding and techno musicDiscotheek Lagoa, Menen
Syndicate · Ambassadors in harder styles foto's Westfalenhallen, Dortmund
ECU · il fuoriorarioDiscoteca Ecu, Rimini
Tek arenaDouble Deuce, Foetz
Federation-X360°, Bochum
Q-BASE · From daylight into Darkness foto's Airport Weeze, Weeze
Nature One 2008 foto's Raketbasis Pydna, Kastellaun
Airbeat One · Dance Festival 2008Airport Neustadt-Glewe, Neustadt-Glewe
ThrillzzTurbinenhalle, Oberhausen
Mayday · Reflect yourself foto's Westfalenhallen, Dortmund
Reset foto's North Sea Venue, Zaandam
Q-BASE · From daylight into Darkness foto's Airport Weeze, Weeze
Audio Park Love Parade AfterpartyZeche Carl, Essen
Pro-jekt summer edition · Liege is aliveLa Fabrik - Herstal, Luik
Nature One 2007 foto's Raketbasis Pydna, Kastellaun
Ruhr in LoveOlgapark, Oberhausen
Tanz gewitter · Arkus P B-DayFusion club, Münster
Sven Wittekind's B-DayU60311, Frankfurt am Main
4 Jahre Abstract-NachtU60311, Frankfurt am Main
U 60311 · Felix Kröcher b-day bashU60311, Frankfurt am Main
AbstractU60311, Frankfurt am Main
The Chaos Theory · Frank Kvitta's B-day BashOutland, Rotterdam
Bringing Hell · Frank Kvitta's b-day bashU60311, Frankfurt am Main
U-R TekknoHangar 1, Oostende
USB summerjam festivalButan, Wuppertal
Nature One 2006 foto's Raketbasis Pydna, Kastellaun
Nature One 2006 foto's Raketbasis Pydna, Kastellaun
Love Parade 5 Centrum Berlijn, Berlijn
Tanz gewitter · Arkus P. b'day festivalFusion club, Münster
IntegrateOutland, Rotterdam
Club industryRamblaz, Oirschot
Hardbanging Techno · Club OverloadOverload Club, Solingen
U 60311 · Kaoz B-Day PartyU60311, Frankfurt am Main
TanzgewitterFusion club, Münster
Innovate · Abstract labelnight foto's Poema, Utrecht
Friendly birthday meeting · Arkus P's B-dayDiskothek Kuper, Melstrup
De Garage · Wittekind B-dayGarage, Saarbrücken
Sylvester Bang · 32 Stunden Union Rave SpecialTOR 3, Düsseldorf
Frank Kvitta's Birthday Party · Hell to Austria foto's Tunnel Club, Linz
Technofusion 7Veronica Ship, Antwerpen