NaamDeclan Curran
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresdrum & bass, electronica, hip hop
Declan Curran, aka Fixate, comes from a generation that isn't locked to the notion genre, he is product of UK musical innovation with his sound pallet & productions traversing styles such as drum & bass, jungle, dubstep and grime.

His debut release, 'Pum Pum' / 'System Malfunction' on Diffrent Music, immediately caught the ears of the great and good of the electronic music world with it's discombobulating rhythmical patterns and clever fusion of multiple genres. Support came from DJ's as diverse as Toddla T, Sam Binga, Alix Perez & dBridge amongst others, with the latter releasing two of his collaborations with Manchester's Chimpo, 'Bun It' & 'Dumb', on Chimpo's 'Out An Bad' EP a short while later.
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