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Equal Idiots (foto)
NaamThibault Christiaensen & Pieter Bruurs
Functieband, 1 × DJ, groep
SiteSite equalidiots.com
From 2012 onwards these two idiots from Hoogstraten City have been besetting your ears with their hard-boiled garage punk. Thibault Christiaensen is the guitarist and sweet-voiced bellower of the two while Pieter Bruurs smacks his drumheads to pieces, just for your pleasure.

With that kind of Tasmanian devils duo on speed energetic live shows and ultra-sore sets are guaranteed, topped off with some beer and birds. Equal Idiots won De Nieuwe Lichting 2016 of Studio Brussels and reached the final round of Humo's Rock Rally. From then on they got ahead quickly.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 16 september 2018: Breda Barst, Valkenbergpark, Breda
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