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Perel (foto)
NaamAnnegret Perel Fiedler
FunctieDJ, live act, hybrid
SiteSite perelmusic.com
Perel's path led her from the idyllic native Saxony straight into the center of Berlin's vibrant club scene, from where she has steadily made a name for herself as an eclectic DJ and cunning producer alike.
Annegret Fiedler first ventured into the realms of songwriting at the early age of eight, composing her first songs on her grandmother's piano. Soon after, she developed her craft as a formally trained singer and co-producer in several bands with which she covered a broad palette of styles ranging from Indie Rock to Synth Pop.
Having relocated to Berlin, Perel immersed herself in the local club scene and became a staple in the city's club scene...
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