Charlie P (foto)
NaamCharlie Purssord
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresdub, reggae, roots
Hailing from Southend, Essex, Charlie P has been singing since the young age of 5, starting as a Motown/Blues singer before quickly learning of a love for Reggae music.
Holding a connection to Reggae before he was even born (his Uncle run the locally popular Simba Sound) Charlie's first vocals saw him join ska-collective Goldmaster All-Stars, and at the age of 11 his passion for Jamaican music soon turned into a well-known talent. Nick Dubateers, a man who owned a local sound system, soon noticed Charlie's skills and took him to Conscious Sounds studio to record first album 'Hustle', which he and the Dubateers toured extensively around Europe, as well as Mexico...
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