Guilda (foto)
HerkomstSint Maarten
Genreship hop
Guilda was born on June 19th, 1991, on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Maarten. From the early stages on, his world was filled with music. His father was a well-respected figure in the soca, calypso and carnival music scene. His cousin, an artist himself, introduced him to the art of Hip-Hop. The love was almost instant. Guilda began memorizing and reciting lyrics for fun until eventually, his brother pushed him to write his own. Long sleepless nights ensued, as Guilda was hell-bent on perfecting his craft. He continued memorizing lyrics, began to write his own, made beats, and even attempted to learn how to play the piano.
As the years went by, Guilda met his now long time friend 'The Cut Creator DJ Outkast" through his brother...
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