Climax (foto)
NaamSebastian Gral
Genresdrum & bass
Sebastian Gral aka Climax is a 20 year old austrian Drum and Bass DJ from St.Pölten.
He first came in touch with mixing when he was 15 where he found out that the styles Neurofunk and Jump Up fit to him.
In the following years he had several gigs at the Warehouse St.Pölten.
He played at the Flex Club and Fluc Wanne in Vienna, VAZ St.Pölten, Kaserne St.Pölten, Wasserhalle Melk.
He was also a part of the lineup from Beatptrol 2016 where he played the opening set with LPH and Dex & Weasel.
He is a member of the "Fasten Your Seatbelts" Crew and was involved in the foundation.
He supported artitsts like Mefjus, Maztek, Levela, Mindscape, June Miller, Mind Vortex, Turno, L 33, DC Breaks, Prolix, Zombie Cats and many more.
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 25 oktober 2017: Beatpatrol Festival, VAZ, Sankt Pölten
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