Grimlock (foto)
NaamGabin Staszko
I started in the age of 16 with playing Drums.
Many years and bands later i got frustrated to want more then the musicians i played with.
My focus was on the stage to get a feedback on my creative output.
At this time i had my first contact with trancemusic and party.
That was 1995.
1997 a Friend took me to my first Goa/Psytrance-Party.
I was infected imediatly.
1999 I started with organizing goa-parties and mixing as a DJ.
Since 2003 i'm a member of Tamil Records.
At this time i also began with working on my own sound and i 'm still doing.
2004 I had my first release "Wagemut", a co-production with Marathi, on the COMPILATION ONE, Tamil Records first strike.
COMPILATION TWO has followed...
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